Thursday, May 05, 2022

We are nothing

There exist “undefinable” objects, one of them is the concept of “truth”. This concept cannot be definided in the standard model of a logic system within the system. This is a corollary of the Tarski undefinability theorem. 

Further, we know there are questions within certain logical systems that do not have a logical path to an answer (Gödel’s incompleteness).

Furthermore there exist questions that will never be asked due to the limitations and discreteness of our language e.g phonems, semiotics (Wittgenstein). As an algebraic analogy imagine that there are questions whose semantic particles lie in a transcendental extension of the object that stores our language. 

Most of the concepts of reality are not accesible to us it is like trying to describe a multiple of π using sequences of a finite subset of the integers. 

We are nothing, we are more basic than microbes compared with the complexity of reality.



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