Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I made a steganographical tool called bsteg to hide data in BMP images , im working now to support JPEG files using VIPS and fft i need this because of the lossy compression nature of this formats , so i need to locate the highest frequency pixels in a image , and then use those with a simply LSB interchange with the original data.
its fun ... ill publish this this week , i hope i can finish it. , the thing is , maybe ill now use fft , the discrete cosine transform can do the same , and it works with pure real numbers , so , i dont want complex numbers for now... so maybe ill need to switch.. (i thought in that at this moment) i hope you like it

Download bsteg now

Eduardo Ruiz Duarte (beck)


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Quizás compresión png te convendría más, aunque comprime menos que JPEG...