Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Interview with anakata (main member and founder of the staff

I have contact with a member of the piratebay via IRC in a server i visit frequently , i worked with him together with other people (dex,daemon,knish) , some time ago...
and he is a very talented person... i have learnt lots of things because of him, here's a conversation we had recently
today at 20:00 GMT-6

[msg(anakata-)] there are rumours about this (hoax)
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] we'll get TPB back up
in 3 or 4 different countries :p
[msg(anakata-)] do you need money (paypal or something)
[msg(anakata-)] are you asking for money to the community ?
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] hm i think we have
[msg(anakata-)] cool , if theres something i could help , maybe i can do a
little donation
[msg(anakata-)] not too much but maybe 200 euros or something
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] kewl
[msg(anakata-)] but i wanted to be sure , that this isnt a hoax :p
[msg(anakata-)] because of the sarcasm and humor that tpb has
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] its not a hoax
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] they also raided my fucking business
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] took ALL equipment in a datacenter
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] several 100 customer boxes
[msg(anakata-)] fuck
[msg(anakata-)] well
[msg(anakata-)] i hope you can fix this shit
[msg(anakata-)] the thing i dont understand , what did you break in sweden ?
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] they just made some shit up to take it down
[msg(anakata-)] maybe , US enterprises said something to government
[msg(anakata-)] about closing relationship (commercial) with sweden
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] yeah
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] + the prosecutor is mad at prq
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] because we like freedom of speech
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] and he doesn't
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] he raided us like 3 weeks ago also
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] and took 2 servers of a customer
[msg(anakata-)] fuck... well if theres something i could help in mexico (banners , etc..)
[msg(anakata-)] i can help you , i dont have too much money but , maybe theres something i can do for you
[msg(anakata-)] hahaha , dex (diego) said , that you better play unreal , instead of having this problems hahaha
[msg(anakata-)] cool , dude , i hope your business can born again , and i hope you can solve this shit with the
sweden government
[msg(anakata-)] if theres no law about this, then they are breaking the law about this
[msg(anakata-)] but well , i think this conversation is very usual for you now , and you know what you do
[msg(anakata-)] sorry for lot of questions but im concerned ... do you think , you will have problems with jail ?
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] i might go to jail
[msg(anakata-)] dmca and riaa shit ?
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] but swedish jails are kinda nice so not a big problem..
[msg(anakata-)] hahaha
[msg(anakata-)] maybe you will have a compputer
[msg(anakata-)] and .. is death officially
[msg(anakata-)] ?
[msg(anakata-)] haha , well i hope you dont go to jail dude seriusly
[msg(anakata-)] i have learn a lot from some code you published :p
[msg(anakata-)] i think you arent in home now right ?
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] no tpb will get back up
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] in the netherlands, ukraine, mexico, possibly russia too
[msg(anakata-)] cool , do you have someone in mind for mexico ?
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] nahual, doh
[msg(anakata-)] haha cool
[msg(anakata-)] ok , thanks dude... , do you let me publish this in my site 'as an interview' ?
[msg(anakata-)] or is it 'kinda private'
[anakata-(~anakata@se)] yes
[msg(anakata-)] ok dude
[msg(anakata-)] thanks dude , back to work , and good , luck , if i can help you here in mexico , please just say
what you need
[msg(anakata-)] bye
*o* Ending conversation with anakata-


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