Friday, June 16, 2006

I made a little program , to multiply or sum 2 digits of ulimited size (hehe limited to your RAM memory)

im working in a version with base SQRT(2^64)-1 (aprox 2^32) for taking advantage of the CPU operations
that the computer can compute... but for now is just 1 byte per digit so complexity is no more nor less than O(n2)
im working with that , and karatsuba combined with the previus idea i said , im working with exponentiation to a
big integer and logarithm as the integral of 1/x using sums, with this ill do square root and power (modulo and div are done but im going to publish them maybe in 1 week after y put comments in the code)

i hope you can find this useful


(Eduardo Ruiz Duarte)

Download it here

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Anonymous said...

hey put0n, como siempre muy bueno tu blog y a ver si nos linkeas tu tambien! :P ya estas en nuestros amigos!