Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does God exist...?

Recently I am in a new advanced Logic class in my last semesters...
I'm enjoying my classes and I'm studying some mathematical objects that can help to deal
with philosophy.

Kurt Gödel proved that god exists using Modal Logic in 1941
Gödel made a lot of advances in logic after Russell found the big hole in set theory with the existance of "non-sets" (classes) coming from a propositional formulae particulary with R = { x / x is not in x }
haha and today the professor assistant of Set theory made a very very nice explanation of this paradox to the people that doesnt understand it... I can write it whenever you want with an example, just comment...

Gödel made a lot of advances in Analytic philosophy and the study of the formalization of the reason and the mathematical logic when showing truths,

How can someone prove that something exists if you dont know what is that 'something'?
well, there are a lot of abstract algebraic logic structures to deal with the models of everything, I love algebra and.. with logic.. is awesome, there are other logic systems different than the usual (because nobody can tell us what is really a truth, we can assume different systems of logic, I know you have heard this in sometime when drunk with your friends)

Of course the God that Gödel made exists assuming the Axioms proposed
and the model of god made using abstract algebraic logic, so now we are closer to the truth, (I'm not saying that Jesus exists, or Buddha or wtf you adore)
I'm saying that the suprema was modeled maybe with lattices or other algebraic structures to show that a set has some special order... and a set of axioms that are consistent and not self contradictory over a logic system...
So , maybe it exists and he doesnt care of anything, or is bad , or is a concept in a logic that cannot be understanded by most of the people.

Modal logic is a formal logic system that deals with "Necessity of truths" and "Possibility of truths", proving the existanse of god using that a truth is necessary if its negation entails a contradiction.

so, something that we can be for sure is that the model of god proposed by
Gödel exists.

Logic is a very very damn interesting area I'm starting to love it, in my other courses it was just concepts and first order logic , but now I can use more objects like lattices, logical ideals, filters , ultrafilters, suprema, orders, etc.. to help understanding and formalising the philosophy, not just 'thinking absurd'.

I'm studying this now, If you want a more technical explanation just comment, maybe i can do something.

beck [ a T]math [d oT] co[ dO T] ro

Eduardo Ruiz Duarte