Thursday, August 17, 2006

I've been very busy , im working and with lot of math school
I'm taking Graph Theory , I previes took "Graphs and Games"
but this is more serious , the teacher said we all need to know a programming language
to show some algorithms , (this class is gonna be of algorithms , im starting to like some stuff)
im in number theory with cryptography class too, Im working with steganographical tools now
im gonna present something cool , i have a lot of crap for now (crapware) but im gonna clean it
im working now with JPEG just not PNG nor GIF , i have learnt a lot of engineer transforms and lot of
physics just for trying to understand the spectrums using complex algebra , is very cool....
i hope ill publish this soon (i have to give a speech about this so its going to exist very soon this material and C code
not just using LSB , ill use some algorithms anti-Kappa Function and others to simulate a pre-built complexity associated to a unique matrix (see Kolmogorov complexity). another thing , a friend asked me about Binary search trees , he cant understand
so i made a programm.. and well the fate is very curious i was trying to remember some tree things because of a class of Artificial intelligence my professor said i need to know how to search in binary trees and first order logic (im seeing that with Logic II in my school) so illl wait 1 semester to take AI.

Tenex here's the link to the programm , i commented it , and it was good remembering the basics because i always work with hash tables, and all guys who want to know something basic about tree's heres the explanation , if you still not understand , check on internet about binary search tree's or send me an email.

Note: Try to see it with a format like VI with colors , it looks better than checking the code online in my website

Eduardo Ruiz Duarte

Source code